Strategic Development

H2O Innovation elaborates its development strategy in accordance with the global water treatment and membrane filtration industry.  The growth of the market share held by H2O Innovation is divided in two parts:

Organic Growth

This growth is led by all H2O Innovation employees with the support of the managerial team. Through their work, employees are: 
  • presenting the Company as a water treatment & membrane filtration specialist
  • respecting the most stringent regulations
  • expending H2O Innovation's presence to strategic and promising new markets
  • finalizing agreements with specialized distributors
  • innovating and proposing relevant solutions to our clients

External Growth

H2O Innovation's knowledge and market share were greatly increased by strategic acquisitions. It is by continuing to apply this strategy that the Company intends to keep growing: identify relevant technologies and knowledge and integrate them into H2O Innovation's offer. 

Development for FY2016

During the next financial year, the Corporation intends to continue developping its international activities throughout its well established international distribution network for its specialty products and services business. With the addition of Piedmont within Corporation’s group, the Corporation intends to create synergies
between all its different distribution networks and to 
continue expanding such networks worlwide. The Corporation has always as key objective the development
of new products 
in order to fulfill its constantly evolving customers’ needs and provide improved support to its distributors, and leverage its hybrid offering of water treatment systems and specialty products and services, cross-selling to customers of its two areas of activity.