Innovative Technologies Developed by H2O Innovation


Clearlogx is a patented technology that precisely and continuously controls the feed of specialty chemicals used in water treatment, in order to maintain optimized chemical performance while improving overall treatment process efficiency. Continue reading. 


Intelogx is a monitoring package that brings all the common data storage, process requirements, system optimization and remote accessibility challenges into one simple platform. Intelogx offers alarms, reports and control of your system right in the palm of your hand.  Continue reading 

FiberFlex: Flexible Skid for Ultrafiltration Modules

When developing an ultrafiltration system, H2O Innovation uses its own flexible Uf frame to allow you more versatility when changing your UF modules. This trend-setting approach allows owners and engineers to take advantage of a much wider range of UF products available today or in the future during module replacement. Continue reading

Bio-Wheel: Biological Wastewater Treatment

The Bio-Wheel process combines integrated fixed film and activated sludge which allow for minimized energy consumption, enhanced nutrient removal and much more. Continue reading

Modular Buildings

H2O Innovation specializes in custom built water and wastewater treatment systems. This means that we will develop a solution that is tailored to your needs. This often sometimes results in unique, state-of-the-art projects. Continue reading