Portable and Reliable

H2O Innovation's modular systems are stand-alone water treatment plants designed to handle extreme environments.  
Our membrane filtration technologies are customized to your needs and adapted to fit inside standard shipping containers or custom built modular buildings. 

These systems can be used for the production of drinking water and wastewater treatement for various applications, such as:
  • Remote worker camps
  • Recreational campsites
  • Rest stops
  • Small communities
  • Temporary installations
H2O Innovation's modular systems produce safe, high-quality water. The water produced by all of our systems meet regulatory standards. 

In some cases, a modular building installation is strongly recommended. Containers are ideal for smaller systems for which only a few containers are required. When many containers, say 5 or more, are required we suggest modular building solutions. Modular buildings allow us to build complete water and wastewater treatment plants that are fully fonctionnal and pleasant to work in and that can be moved to another location if required. 

Feature Projects