Freedom of Choice

H2O Innovation prides itself on developing state-of-the-art, customized water & wastewater treatment systems. In order to offer high quality systems tailored to your needs we work in partnership with various suppliers.

Through our agreements with different suppliers, we have the ability to select the appropriate equipment for your system and guarantee you the most economical solution. 

H2O Innovation negotiates advantageous agreements every year with trustworthy suppliers whose products respect our high quality standards to guarantee the quality of our systems. 

To demonstrate our Company's philosophy as open source supplier, and for the benefit of our clients t, we developed a new generation of ultrafiltration skid, the FiberFlex. This flexible skid accepts UF membrane modules from more than eight different manufacturers. 

The FiberFlex design simplifies membrane replacement and provides common operating sequences for different UF modules. This gives our clients the freedom to select different UF modules for replacement than those that were initially installed without changing the original system.