Financial information for shareholders and analysts.

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Leadership & Governance

H2O Innovation is led by a group of visionaries and entrepreneurs with the common goal of contributing to the development of the water treatment industry by elaborating a unique, customer-focused offering.

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Press Releases

Read the latest information released by H2O Innovation.

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Financial results

H2O Innovation’s latest financial reports are available right here: quarterly reports, year-end reports, and other related documents.

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Corporate and financial presentations

H2O Innovation’s latest corporate and financial presentations are available here.

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Investors - General assembly of shareholders

General Assembly of Shareholders

H2O Innovation’s latest information relative to the annual general assembly of shareholders.

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Financial analysts

H2O Innovation is currently covered by eight financial analysts.

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Charters and Policies

H2O Innovation’s charters and policies, bylaws, mandates, articles of incorporation, and other related documents.

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