Leadership & Governance

H2O Innovation is led by a group of visionaries and entrepreneurs with the common goal of contributing to the development of the water treatment industry by elaborating a unique, customer-focused offering. Since its inception in 2000, it has steadfastly pursued growth through the enhancement of its unique value proposition. By concentrating their efforts on continuous improvement, H2O Innovation offers unique, custom solutions built on years of knowledge and expertise. Together, our three pillars of Water Technologies & Services, Specialty Products, and Operation & Maintenance combine into a robust business capable of unique methods of project delivery like Design-Build-Operate (DBO), which are increasingly common in the water industry.

Executive Management

Board of Directors & Committees


(1) Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is responsible for (i) reporting on certain aspects of the overall stewardship of the Corporation as delegated by the Board of Directors, (ii) the oversight of the financial reporting process, and (iii) managing, on behalf of the shareholders, the relationship between the Corporation and the external auditor.

(2) Governance, Remuneration and ESG Committee
The Corporate Governance, Remuneration and ESG Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors for the purpose of providing oversight, assessment, guidance and/or recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding the following matters: (i) corporate governance affairs, (ii) compensation of the executive officers and Board members, (iii) certain human resources matters including employee benefits and talent management, (iv) risk management, (v) internal controls, (vi) health and safety and vii) general compliance (environmental and other).

(3) Strategy, Innovation and Large Projects (SILP) Committee
The purpose of the Strategy, Innovation and Large Projects Committee is to assess, and provide guidance to the Board of Directors and the Corporation’s management on, matters of strategic interest for the constant development and improvement of the Corporation’s Operation & Maintenance and Water Technologies & Services business pillars, including the review and overseeing of technology orientations, research and development initiatives and health & safety. This committee also approves certain operation and maintenance contracts and/or certain water and wastewater treatment equipment bids in accordance with its mandate and the Corporation’s Delegation of Authority Policy.

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