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The Bio-Wheel IFAS Aerobic Biological Treatment System is used for aeration, mixing, and fixed film media, all in one. Oxygen is supplied to the aerobic bioreactor via the Bio-Wheel’s rotation and the polypropylene plates function as a surface for biofilm growth. The patented polypropylene plates are a trapezoidal configuration in order to optimize the use of space at the perimeter of the wheel. This leads to more hold-up volume per unit footprint and therefore allows for more oxygen to be imparted into the mixed liquor. The Bio-Wheel is able to cultivate a robust bacteria population, resistant to shock loads or frequent upsets, without the disadvantage of higher solids loading to the clarifier.

The aerobic biological treatment system provides removal of oxygen demand (measured as BOD or COD) from the wastewater as bacteria consume organics within this unit operation. The Bio-Wheel is sized to handle a large range of airflow rates to accommodate varying demands. 

The Bio-Wheel can be designed around stand-alone units that are ideal for concrete installations and retrofit applications or can be included as part of a smaller, turn-key package plant solution.


Power consumption is 1/3 less than with conventional or SBR plants and is simple to operate with low noise and odor.

It facilitates the growth of nitrifying bacteria on the fixed film and results in enhanced nitrification in the aerobic zone of the wastewater treatment plant. 

The system has a small footprint, requiring as much as 40% less area to treat an equivalent flow.

In the event of required or scheduled maintenance, a Bio-Wheel may be removed from the tank without dewatering, thus simplifying the maintenance and operation of the plant.

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