Leadership / Governance

H2O Innovation is led by a group of visionaries and entrepreneurs with a common goal: contribute to the strengthening of the water treatment industry by elaborating a unique customer offer based on 3 business pillars: Water and Wastewater Projects & Services, Specialty Products and Operation & Maintenance .


After more than 18 years of existence, H2O Innovation steadily pursue its growth and the enhancement of its unique value-added customer offer. With over 700 water treatment systems installed mostly in North America and products exported in more than 40 countries, we keep concentrating our efforts on the continuous improvement and development of our offer, our knowledge and our expertise.

With three strong business pillars, 1- Water and Wastewater Projects & Services, 2- Specialty Chemicals and 3- Operation & Maintenance, the company is very well balanced and not dependant on a single source of revenues. All together, these three business pillars provide a unique and accountable business model to better serve the Design-Build-Operate opportunities, a fast growing segment in the water industry.

Upper management

Board of Directors & Committees


(1) Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is responsible for (i) reporting on certain aspects of the overall stewardship of the Corporation as delegated by the Board of Directors, (ii) oversight of the financial reporting process, and (iii) managing, on behalf of the shareholders, the relationship between the Corporation and the external auditor.

(2) Governance, Remuneration and Risks Committee
The Corporate Governance, Remuneration and Risks Committee of the Corporation is appointed by the Board of Directors for the purpose of providing oversight, assessment, guidance and/or recommendation to the Board of Directors on the following matters: (i) corporate governance affairs, (ii) compensation of the executive officers and of the members of the Board, (iii) human resources matters that should be addressed to the Committee, (iv) risks management, and (v) internal controls.

(3) Technology and Project Committee
The Technology and Projects Committee reviews and oversees the Corporation’s overall strategic direction, investments in technology and research and development initiatives. Such committee also approves submissions of bids for certain projects of water or wastewater treatment systems in accordance with the Delegation of Authority.

(4) Operation and Maintenance Committee
This Committee has been created by the Board of Directors in November 2016, shortly after the acquisition of Utility Partners, LLC.  This committee which is comprised of one independent, non-related director, two (2) members of the Corporation’s management, and two (2) independent individuals having expertise, experience and know-how in the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants. The purpose of the O&M Committee is to assist the Board of Directors and the Corporation’s management in assessing matters of strategic interest for the growth and development of the Corporation’s operation and maintenance business pillar. Such committee also approves certain operation and maintenance contracts in accordance with its mandate and the Delegation of Authority Policy. The advisory members of the Operation and Maintenance Committee are Ms. Elisa M. Speranza and Mr. Leonard F. Graziano.


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