Environment, Social & Governance

H2O Innovation is leading the shift towards more water reuse, using the best available technology to produce high quality water that can be used directly for agriculture, landscape irrigation and industrial applications as well as indirectly for potable. Being better stewards of our water resources is central to the mission of our company.

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Leadership & Governance

H2O Innovation is led by a group of visionaries and entrepreneurs with the common goal of contributing to the development of the water treatment industry by elaborating a unique, customer-focused offering.

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Charters and Policies

H2O Innovation’s charters and policies, bylaws, mandates, articles of incorporation, and other related documents.

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Health, Safety & Environment

The purpose of health and safety is to protect our workers, sub-contractors, customers and members of the public when they are involved with our business. Discover our Health, Safety & Environment commitment 

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