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H2O Innovation’s digital solutions aims to enhance our customer’s experience through software solutions that optimize plant performance and simplify operator duties. Beyond simple data acquisition, H2O Innovation is taking the next step towards intelligent use of water treatment system data. At the core of our software offering is Intelogx™, a data analysis and interpretation solution, and we continue to improve on its capabilities and broaden its functionalities. Watch the exciting evolution in the coming months!

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The basic idea behind the development of Intelogx™ is to take the manual process of collecting data and automate it. The software can be easily configured to monitor any analog signal from your water treatment plant and store it in a data historian. With a few clicks, you can see your historical data, track and compare trends, and monitor system performance. In the world of quality, it is said that “you cannot improve what you do not measure.” Hence, the measurement of historical data collection is the first step towards system improvement and optimization.

Beyond data measurement, Intelogx™ can help predict when your membranes will need to be cleaned, analyze how effective a cleaning was, and help visualize the activity of your water treatment equipment. As a second set of eyes on your system, it will send alarms (via SMS and/or email) when operating parameters are out of the ordinary. It can quickly help the operator create semi-customizable periodic reports to share performance or regulatory compliance information.

All of this capability is made possible through a secure remote connection to your system that is continuously monitored with Senrio VIP – an acronym for Visibility, Identification, and Profiling for possible cyber security threats.


Intelogx Applications

Here are some ways Intelogx™ can help you operate your plant more efficiently:

  • Trending key performance indicators on your reverse osmosis system.
  • Monitoring the before, during, and after backwash performance of your ultrafiltration modules.
  • Predicting the time to your next membrane cleaning.
  • Receiving alarm notifications (SMS and/or emails) of out-of-spec parameters.
  • Creating semi-customizable periodic performance and regulatory reports.

Intelogx Projects


Clearlogx® is a patented control technology that precisely and continuously adjusts the feed of specialty coagulants used in both conventional and membrane filtration (MF/UF) systems. By optimizing the coagulant dosage in conventional treatment systems, this software can improve the performance of your plant, reducing costly carryover, providing tremendous savings in chemical, energy, and maintenance costs. In membrane filtration systems, Clearlogx® optimizes the load of the agglomerated particles to minimize or even eliminate the tendency of the floc to adhere to the surface of the membrane. The result is reduced fouling, better effective cleanings, and extended time between cleanings.

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