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E-Super Concentrate (SG111) – Economic & ecologic concentrated antiscalant

Global freight costs have increased by over 5 times in the past 12 months, the cost of plastic packaging is increasing, as is the impact of waste plastics on the environment. As we assess the carbon footprint of our activities our customers need to be confident that they are making the right choice for the environment as well as the correct technical solution to plant operation. Designed for both SW & BWRO systems 1,000lt of our E-Super concentrate SG111 membrane antiscalant will make 11,000lt of ready to use Antiscalant on your site, reducing the impact of freight, storage, CO2 emissions & packaging.

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Genalytics – membrane plant operating data trend analysis

Genalytics is a web-based software program that converts key operational data from an RO / NF plant to create normalized data graphs over a variety of timescales. Reference values and events such as shutdowns, outages, membrane cleaning, algal blooms, seasonal variations can also be included so the whole operating picture can be easily interpreted. Frequency and effectiveness of membrane cleaning can be assessed and new methods tried on different trains and compared to conventional cleaning to improve effectiveness and reduce OPEX costs.

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Gensave – calculator for cost saving from predictive membrane cleaning

The GenSave concept is a transparent partnership process, our objective is to work with plant operators and use Genesys products and services to demonstrate and apply “provable” technical solutions ultimately aimed at reducing OPEX. This step by step process is designed to improve 3 issues which have a significant detrimental effect on operation : Biofouling,Pre-treatment & Membrane Cleaning. The GenSAVE solution is based on detailed technical evaluation of your individual process.

Learn more – GenSAVE process brochure

Piedmont Flexible Pipe Couplings

Our couplings, designed for low to high pressure environments, are available in a variety of material and sizes to ensure your system´s performance along with your team´s safety.

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Piedmont FRP Cartridge Filter Housings

Piedmont also offers a full range of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) cartridge filter housings. The FRP filter housings are designed specifically for highly corrosive environments. Their design includes small innovations, simplifying cartridge installation and replacement. Other products in the FRP product line include bag filters, cartridges, and strainers.

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