Scope of Work

H2O Innovation provides a flexible approach catering to all types of work requirements, whether it’s a full turn-key plant or a pre-assembled skids. Scroll through the different project options below to see how we can bring value to your project.

System Build Options

Site Assembly

Generally reserved for larger systems, site assembly or “site-build” projects  are required when shop assembled (skidded ) equipment would be  too large or uneconomical to ship. In this case, H2O Innovation will fabricate piping and frame sections  and loose ship them, along with other major components (pumps, pressure vessels, cartridge filters, membranes, etc.) to be  assembled by the installation contractor. In addition, wiring of instrumentation, valves and equipment to junction boxes or control panels must be performed on-site. Installation supervision is typically provided by H2O Innovation to ensure proper orientation of components and correct connections .

Some projects may have a mix of build options, with shop assembled trains and site assembled ancillary equipment (i.e. CIP system). These items are designated as “loose shipped” in proposals.

Project Examples

Shop Assembly

In contrast to the loose-shipped option,  H2O Innovation supplies the unit operations (reverse osmosis, ion exchange, multimedia filters, backwash pumps, etc.) already assembled, piped, and wired on skids.

Skid-mounted shipments allows us to test the equipment in our shop as well as minimize your installation costs and speed up the schedule. Once on site, the interconnecting piping, power feeds, and controls interconnections are the only steps remaining. All the valves, instruments, pumps, etc., have been assembled in our shop prior to shipping.

This delivery model is particularly well-suited for small-to-medium systems when the size of the skidded equipment can be moved by road.

Project Examples


For fast delivery, minimal installation labor and  low overall installed costs, H2O Innovation can supply containerized units for any application. Ideal for remote locations or harsh environments, containerized systems significantly reduce on-site labor and expedite start-up for small capacity plants. A variety of water and wastewater technologies can be implemented to achieve target effluent requirements and performance criteria.

Some examples of good fits for containerized plants include:

  • Commercial and residential developments
  • Emergency treatment facilities
  • Mobile units
  • Treatment facilities for industrial clients with remote locations

Check out some of the project examples below to learn about H2O Innovation’s experience supplying containerized systems.

Project Examples

Prefabricated Buildings

This approach is typically used when on-site labor is very costly (i.e. harsh environments, remote locations) and system capacities preclude the efficient use of containerized equipment. In this scenario, water and wastewater process equipment is completely assembled inside the building, which can also include HVAC, safety equipment, office/lab space, control room, etc. Any  H2O Innovation technologies can be provided within this build option.

This is the ultimate example of plug and play- simply bring power and raw water connections to the building and the treatment plant is ready to operate. See  how  these buildings are constructed in the following video:

Project Examples

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