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H2O Innovation is a leader in customized water and wastewater treatment solutions using membrane technologies. We design and fabricate state-of-the-art, integrated water treatment systems for municipal, industrial and commercial users and specialize in applications for drinking water, water reuse, wastewater treatment and industrial process water. We consider the specific needs of our clients and have a flexible approach to design as the largest open-source system supplier in North America. 

Water Technologies & Services

Discover our diverse portfolio of custom-designed projects and water/wastewater systems.

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Specialty Products

H2O Innovation provides water treatment consumables through its PWT, Genesys and Piedmont business lines.

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Operation & Maintenance

Utility Partners, one of H2O Innovation’s subsidiaries, operates water and wastewater treatment facilities, maintains collection and distribution systems and manages public works departments.

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H2O Innovation provides solutions for drinking water, wastewater and water reuse applications in several market segments, including municipal, oil & gas and food & beverage. Select an application to learn more.

Our goal: Adapt our solutions to your needs


H2O Innovation integrates high quality products into systems to meet stringent effluent quality and performance criteria. An open-source model allows clients to use multiple membrane products during the life of their water and wastewater treatment systems for maximum flexibility and cost efficiency. See our line of available Flex™ products within each applicable technologies.

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Even after the design and construction of a project are complete, the relationship is just beginning. We make sure clients are supported with a full suite of services.

Operation & Maintenance

H2O Innovation can provide operation and maintenance services of water treatment systems through our O&M business line, Utility Partners.

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Onsite Services

H2O Innovation offer services geared towards maintenance and troubleshooting of membrane plants.

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Technical Support

H2O Innovation provides technical support through specialized services focused on maintaining performance of membrane plants

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