Onsite Services

Our philosophy on water treatment equipment is that the “real” project begins once your new system is up and running. H2O Innovation’s capable and knowledgeable services team is your partner in system optimization. We have experience servicing over 500 municipal and industrial systems and can help you on your path to continuous improvement. Whether you have an experienced staff or are looking to train operators who are new to the type of treatment system you have at your facility, our experts will deliver what you need. We offer both classroom and hands-on water operator training as part of our on-going services. Communication between the H2O team and your operations staff can be greatly enhanced through the use of our Intelogx™ software. Learn how here.

If you’re looking for an expert’s opinion, complex troubleshooting, or an extra set of hands, our team is here to help. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Turn-key membrane change-out
  • MF/UF fiber pinning, RO membrane probing
  • Equipment repair/replacement
  • Chemical dosage verification/optimization
  • Membrane cleaning, CIP audit
  • Water or deposit sampling for laboratory analysis
  • Pilot studies

Technical Training

Our technical training involves both classroom presentations and hands-on work to help your staff learn how to operate, troubleshoot, and optimize your water treatment system. Our team will take a detailed walk through each unit operation, with special focus on the theory around mechanical, electrical, controls, and chemical treatments.

Instrument Calibration Services

When is the last time you calibrated the instrumentation on your water treatment system? Your ability to optimize the water treatment process is only as good as the data you collect. If your instruments have not been calibrated on a regular schedule, there is a good chance the data coming from them is not accurate. H2O Innovation’s field team offers instrument calibration services to make sure you avoid becoming a victim of GIGO—Garbage In, Garbage Out. Here are some of the types of instruments we support:

  • Pressure
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Flow
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorine
Services - Instrument calibration onsite

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