H2O Innovation offers the latest in wastewater treatment for both membrane and conventional processes. Our patented technologies can minimize energy consumption, reduce plant footprint and are highly customizable to fit any client’s specific needs.

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Site Built MBRs

H2O Innovation provides MBR system equipment for mid-size to large capacity wastewater plants. Equipment is partially fabricated in the shop to be assembled on-site and can include everything from fine screens and biological treatment equipment to membrane system equipment and controls.  We specialize in retrofits and can provide customized solutions for existing conventional or membrane facilities.

Packaged Plants

H2O Innovation has built  hundreds of packaged WWTPs for small to mid-size facilities throughout the US and Canada. Treatment processes can range from conventional activated sludge (CAS) to MBRs and systems can be customized to achieve effluent, O&M and cost requirements.

Containerized Systems

Ideal for remote locations or harsh environments, containerized systems can reduce on-site labor and expedite start-up for small capacity plants. A variety of technologies can be implemented to achieve target effluent requirements and other considerations.

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Related Technologies

H2O Innovation provides open-source water & wastewater treatment systems based on various membrane filtration technologies.

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