Mobile Fleet - Equipment Leasing

H2O Innovation offers short-term and long-term lease options for various membrane and conventional process equipment skidded or housed in containers. Our process offerings include:
• Sand or Multimedia filtration for separation of solids or turbidity reduction
• Carbon filtration for chlorine or oxidant removal
• Greensand filtration
• Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration, single pass or two-pass configuration
• Ultrafiltration/Microfiltration

H2O Innovation has containerized water filtration plants for leasing. This option allows you to fulfill your filtration needs without buying a plant! Our Ultrapure container is very versatile and allows for different process equipment line-ups to produce different water qualities. For instance, you can operate the containerized plant with multimedia filtration, two RO passes, and a polishing mix bed in series.

Operate the same plant with a single RO pass at twice its production capacity. You only need to a make few adjustments to the system (mostly valves and HMI set-points). Our engineers will help you define the best usage on the rental unit depending on your raw water quality & your treated water requirements (Quality and Quantity).

Contact numbers: 1 418.688.0170 (Canada) or 1 763.566.8961 (USA)
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