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Bio-Wheel process

H2O Innovation’s Bio-Wheel is an integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) rotating aerator.

SILO | Simplifying Wastewater Treatment

H2O Innovation’s SILO membrane bioreactor system redefines satellite wastewater treatment, simplify waste management.

Bio-Brane process

H2O Innovation’s Bio-BraneTM is an advanced wastewater treatment system that employs membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology in combination with Bio-WheelTM technology for process aeration.


Clearlogx® is an automation and control technology that regulates how coagulants are fed in ultrafiltration (UF) systems to prevent membrane fouling.

Company profile

H2O Innovation, winner of the prestigious Water Technology Company of the Year at the 2016 Global Water Awards, is a pioneering OEM of membrane systems.

Containerized membrane bio-reactor

H2O Innovation’s Containerized Membrane Bioreactor (CMBR) systems are stand-alone wastewater treatment plants designed to handle the most extreme environments. These systems are fully integrated within a standard hi-cube shipping container to allow simple transportation to your location and robust protection of the system.

FiberFlex™ overview

This trend-setting approach revolves around a generic skid design to accommodate several types of modules.

FiberFlex™ pilot

This trend-setting approach revolves around a generic skid design to accommodate several types of modules.


The flexMBR™is the first membrane bioreactor open-source design that can operate MBR modules from different suppliers. It provides flexibility to switch from one membrane to another without having to redesign the entire plant.

Flexible approach to wastewater treatment

At H2O Innovation, we provide a flexible approach to wastewater treatment that allows us to customize our systems to meet your needs. Whether the priority is to minimize energy use, achieve superior effluent quality, minimize footprint or cost, our toolbox for wastewater treatment has the perfect solution.

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