Our Company : H2O Innovation

Our Mission & Vision


Water is vital and complex. We simplify water by integrating leading technologies and a trusted team of experts into intelligent solutions, solving water for good.


Through innovation and operational excellence, we empower our team to delight our customers and transform our industry while protecting a vital resource: Water.

Our Businesses

The company is built on three interconnected pillars :

About us - Technology membrane filtration system

Water Technologies & Services

Our Water Technologies & Services (WTS) business designs and builds custom water, wastewater and water reuse systems, with membranes at the heart of each system. We then support the customer with both site and remote services, as well as digital solutions, to optimize performance and maximize life of the equipment.

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Expertise - Membrane verification

Specialty Products

Through a global network of more than 100 distribution partners, our Specialty Products (SP) pillar manufactures and delivers specialty chemicals, maple equipment, components, and consumables to end-users with a focus on membrane applications. (Genesys-PWT, Piedmont, H2O Innovation Maple)

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Services - Water treatment plant worker

Operation & Maintenance

With a commitment to exceeding regulatory requirements, we are your local partner for Operations & Maintenance (O&M), and contract operations of water, wastewater, and water reuse treatment, collection, and distribution systems, pumping stations, and associated assets for customers throughout North America.

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Our Values : L'EAU(French for "water")


Our Culture : Three Cs


Take responsibility for people, cost, quality;
Build a diverse workforce delivering unexpected results.


Be a great listener;
Overcommunicate to communicate;
Take the time to have the discussion.


Be thankful;
Share the news: Ring the bell, Raise the flag;
For each problem, there is a solution.

Our Playbook

Our History


Leader Evaporator company logo

  • Expansion of the Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Plant in Cheshire, UK
  • Agreement to acquire the business of Leader Evaporator Co., Inc. strengthening H2O Innovation’s position in the Maple Industry.
  • Listing of H2O Innovation’s Common Shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Genesys international company logo

  • H2O Innovation completes the acquisition of the chemical manufacturing company Genesys Membrane Products, S.L. located in Madrid, Spain.
  • Acquisitions of JCO, Inc. and of Environmental Consultants, L.L.C. Solidifying Operation & Maintenance Business Line.


H<sub>2</sub>O Innovation Trusted Utility partners company logo

  • H2O Innovation is awarded Water Company of the Year at the 2020 Global Water Awards
  • The 3 business lines dedicated to Operation and Maintenance (“O&M”) services of H2O Innovation, Utility Partners, LLC, Hays Utility South Corporation and Gulf Utility Service, inc. merge and become H2O Innovation Trusted Utility Partners.
  • H2O Innovation completes the acquisition of operation & maintenance company Gulf Utility Service, Inc., in Texas, USA.


Genesys international company logo

  • H2O Innovation completes the acquisition of chemical company Genesys, in United Kingdom.
  • H2O Innovation wins the Firebrand Award for its Automation Station of the Decatur project in Arkansas, the State’s First MBR.


Hays South Utility corporation logo

  • H2O Innovation completes the acquisition of operation & maintenance company Hays Utility South Corporation, in Texas.
  • H2O Innovation wins its most important ultrafiltration (UF) contract to date for the City of San Diego, in California.
  • Utility Partners inaugurates its Las Vegas, Nevada administrative office


  • Piedmont launches its FRP Filter Housings line of products
  • Utility Partners open a new administrative office in Gulfport, Mississippi


Utility partners company logo

  • Acquisition of Utility Partners LLC, providing state government, industrial and municipal clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions for utility system management.
  • H2O Innovation opened an office in Bilbao, Spain.
  • H2O Innovation won the Water Technology Company of the Year prize at the Global Water Awards in Abu Dhabi.
  • Completion of our largest UF system using its open-platform FiberFlex™ – Clifton Water District, Colorado, 12 MGD (45 400 m3/d)
  • H2O expands its business activities in Mexico through a partnership agreement as H2O Innovación de México


Clearlogx software logo

  • Acquisition of Clearlogx®, a patented technology that precisely and continuously controls the feed of specialty chemicals of water treatment systems


Piedmont company logo

  • Acquisition of Piedmont Pacific Corporation, Oakland, California, specialized in stainless steel and plastic couplings for pressure vessel, pipes, particularly for membrane system connections.


  • Opening of engineering office in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


Pwt company logo

  • Acquisition of Professional Water Technologies™ (PWT), specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of membrane filtration specialty chemicals.


Bio-wheel logo

  • Acquisition of Itasca Systems Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Reinforces the company’s expertise in industrial process water treatment, especially within the biofuels industry, and adds a 37,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and assembly plant in the U.S. Midwest.
  • Acquisition of Wastewater Technology Inc. of Monterey, Virginia. Brings a deeper expertise in wastewater treatment and water reuse with the Bio-Brane™ and Bio-Wheel™ patented membrane bioreactor technologies.


  • Acquisition of Sigma Environmental Solutions Inc. and opening of an office in Calgary, Alberta. Expands the company’s presence in Western Canada and further develops its offer to the oil & gas and mining industries.


  • First activity in California – Acquisition of Membrane Systems Corporation, specialized in membrane filtration systems manufacturing.


H<sub>2</sub>O Innovation Maple company logo

  • Company founded in Quebec City, Canada through the acquisition of Darv-Eau Inc., which provided membrane filtration expertise (NF, RO) as well as a 65,000 sq ft. manufacturing and assembly plant.

Our Footprint

  • H2O Innovation is headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, and is powered by more than 700 employees worldwide in the pursuit of our mission to provide simple solutions for complex water problems.
  • Supporting our Water Technologies & Services and Specialty Products pillars are four manufacturing plants: Ham Nord in the Province of Quebec (CAN), Champlin near Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (USA), Vista in North County near San Diego, CA (USA), and Cheshire just outside Manchester (UK).
  • In addition to the headquarter and plant locations, our engineering staff are positioned at offices in Burlington, Ontario (CAN), Calgary, Alberta (CAN), and Bilbao (ESP).
  • Our Operations & Maintenance team have regional offices in Gulfport, MS (USA), Houston, TX (USA), and Las Vegas, NV (USA).
  • In Mexico, we have built out our capital equipment, services, specialty products, and O&M capabilities with H2O Innovación de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  • H2O Innovation has over 750 installed water, wastewater and water reuse systems using membrane filtration and separation technologies, operates more than 275 municipal and industrial systems throughout Canada and the USA, and works with distribution partners selling its Specialty Products in over 70 countries around the world.

Our Awards

  • Water Company of the Year, by GWI – October 2020
  • 2017 OTCQX Best 50 Companies – February 2017
  • American Public Works Association accreditation – December 2016 (for Utility Partners)
  • Visionary Company of the Year – November 2016
  • WateReuse Equipement/Manufacturer of the Year, by WateReuse – August 2016
  • Water/Wastewater Project of the Year, by DBIA – July 2016
  • Water Technology Company of the Year, by GWI – April 2016
  • Distinction Global Water Intelligence Desalination Plant of the Year Cambria, BWRO, California – 2015
  • VerdeXchange Green MarketMakers Global Event – Los Angeles 2015
  • Lauréate 2012 – Technologie | Deloitte / 15 sociétés vertes
  • Lauréate 2012 – Technologie | Deloitte / fast 50
  • Lauréate 2011 – Technologie | Deloitte / 15 sociétés vertes
  • Lauréate 2011 – Technologie | Deloitte / fast 50
  • Lauréate 2010 – Technologie | Deloitte / 15 sociétés vertes
  • Lauréate 2010 – Technologie | Deloitte / fast 50
  • Lauréate 2009 – Technologie | Deloitte / 15 sociétés vertes

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