H2O Innovation Maple and Leader

Complete line of equipment for Maple syrup production

The development of our products is supported by a strong experience in the maple industry of over 20 years and backed by an important know-how in membrane filtration. H2O Innovation offers you intelligent products to maximize your production, regardless of the size of your installations.

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About H2O Innovation Maple

Avant-guard by nature, we develop products and technologies specific to maple production that help you increase your syrup production while reducing your energy consumption.

On top of those performing equipment, H2O Innovation offers you unparalleled client service. Our technical service team and our Canadian and American dealers are fully available to ensure you continuous production and full blast operations without interruption.

Our commitment

  • High-end, proven and guaranteed equipment
  • Optimal operations at minimal cost
  • A personalized service with our team of renown specialists
  • Fast technical support at all time
  • Strategic and technical assistance

About Leader

Joining the H2O Innovation Maple line, Leader has been developing, manufacturing and selling maple farming equipment and products for more than 130 years to maple syrup producers located mainly in the United States. The addition of Leader’s activities to H2O Innovation’s existing maple syrup equipment offering will allow the Corporation to meet the needs of a greater number of maple syrup producers.

This new alliance, which combines tradition and innovation, will strengthen the Corporation’s ability to support maple syrup producers in their growth by offering everything from entry-level equipment for smaller producers to stateof-the-art technologies for larger producers. H2O Innovation’s extensive knowledge of membrane filtration will also benefit Leader’s customers.

H2O Innovation and Leader maple syrup products and equipment will henceforth be offered through a larger distribution network in the United States, with nearly 80 distributors in 10 states.

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