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Our Specialty Products businesses support our global customer base by delivering equipment, consumables, and replacement parts that focus on system optimization. Whether you are looking for Piedmont’s grooved couplings or cartridge filter housings, our complete line of specialty membrane chemicals by Genesys and PWT, maple evaporators, membranes, filters, pumps, or instruments, our team is always ready to help.

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This group of fully integrated H2O Innovation businesses have built strong industry reputations which are enhanced by their ability to leverage synergies across offerings. Our broad relationships with the industry’s best suppliers give us the power to help you get the most out of your equipment.

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Genesys, PWT, Piedmont

Specialty chemicals, components, and consumables
The Genesys group of companies develops and manufactures speciality reverse osmosis (RO) membrane chemicals, antiscalants, cleaners, flocculants and biocides. Professional Water Technologies (PWT) develops and formulates specialty chemicals for membrane based water treatment systems. Piedmont Pacific is a global leader in corrosion resistant equipment for desalination plants and a wide range of applications in the industrial and municipal markets.

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H2O Innovation Maple

H2O Innovation Maple group of companies
H2O Innovation offers you a complete line of equipment dedicated to maple syrup production. The development of our products is supported by a strong experience in the maple industry of over 20 years and backed by an important know-how in membrane filtration. Acquired by H2O Innovation in 2022, Leader has been developing, manufacturing and selling maple farming equipment and products for more than 130 years to maple syrup producers located mainly in the United States.

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