Environment, Social & Governance

H2O Innovation is leading the shift towards more water reuse, using the best available technology to produce high quality water that can be used directly for agriculture, landscape irrigation and industrial applications as well as indirectly for potable. Being better stewards of our water resources is central to the mission of our company.


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ESG is in our DNA and our name calls for it!

Through multiple acquisitions and business initiatives we have assembled a team and a portfolio of products & services aimed at addressing not only existing water-related problems, but also emerging concerns such as the growing presence of micropollutants, hormones, and PFAS also known as “forever chemicals”. On top of that, growing water scarcity issues create unprecedent pressure on existing infrastructure and terrible stress for the sustainability of our agriculture and food supply. For this reason, water-reuse is not an option. Municipalities and industries must move forward with water-reuse initiatives and technologies, and we are ready to help.

Our first ESG plan is our pledge to address these environmental problems related to water, and to do so in a workplace where people feel accomplished and supported by strong governance and sensible policies in an ever-changing world.

We will walk the talk to protect, preserve, and reuse the most precious commodity of all: WATER!

Frédéric Dugré
President & CEO



  • H2O Innovation was a pionner in the Maple industry, introducing membrane technology as a replacement to the centuries-old, energy-intensive, evaporation process used to concentrate maple sap.


  • Our Specialty Chemicals Group synthesizes a dendrimer chemistry that is the only 11x super-concentrated product on the market, reducing the environmental impact of our shipments to distributors around the world by >90%.


  • With a focus on the environment, our Operations & Maintenance business maintains a >99% environmental compliance at all of the more than 275 water and wastewater sites we operate through the United States and Canada.



  • Our employees are our greatest asset. To ensure their health and well-being, we provide access to benefits and offer programs intended to support work-life balance and overall well-being, including financial, physical and mental health resources.


  • Positive impact in our industry and communities: providing scholarships, charitable donations and employee volunteers.


  • We strive to be an inclusive company :
    • Two women, including the Chairwoman, sit on our Board of Directors, comprising 25% of the Board.
    • As of December 31, 2020, 36% of the Corporation’s employees were over 50 years old and 13,2% identified as women.


  • We have developed and implemented a cybersecurity plan to mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks, breach or loss of data, and unsafe user behavior.


  • Our management team maintains a risk mitigation plan focused on allowing the company to achieve objectives as part of our 3-Year Strategic Plan.


  • We have a comprehensive set of corporate governance guidelines, applicable to our Board members, executive officers and employees.

OUR FOOTPRINT IN NUMBERSThrough innovation, we strive to simplify water :


gallons per day of water treated in our equipment


of ethanol produces in the US is supported by our systems and services


gallons per day of wastewater and water reuse treated in our equipment 


population served for drinking water with 850 miles of distribution lines


population served for waste water with 775 miles of collection lines and 540 lift stations


CO2 emissions reduction as a result of shipping our concentrated dendrimer versus standard antiscalant


CO2 reduced in the last five years by maple sap concentrator equipment sales

Our Suppliers Code of Conduct

  • Conduct business in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and generally accepted standards of the goods or services they provide​


  • Avoid situations of conflicts of interest in their relationship with our employees ​


  • Comply with all applicable laws related to anti-bribery and anti-corruption​


  • Adhere to all labor and human rights standards


  • Provide a safe, clean and healthy work environment and abide by all applicable laws with respect to health, safety and the environment​


  • Respect personal dignity, privacy and rights of each employee​


  • Provide fair remuneration and prohibiting the use of child, forced or imprisoned labor​


  • Act in accordance with applicable local and international legal standards governing environmental protection and minimizing environmental impacts​


  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of H2O Innovation’s information and assets

H2O Innovation ESG & Sustainability Report