H2O Monitoring

Our client list in this market includes growers and producers with special needs for soil irrigation.

The H2O Monitoring wireless sensor systems offered by H2O Innovation make it possible to monitor several crucial parameters that will ensure plant well-being and growth.

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When it comes to agricultural production, it is crucial to have access to certain data at all times, and to monitor multiple parameters. Having this information at your fingertips in real time, even from a distance, will allow you to increase the productivity of your crops and reduce labor costs, all while optimizing your precious time. The H2O Monitoring wireless sensor systems offered by H2O Innovation make it possible to monitor several vital parameters that will ensure plant well-being and growth.


• Precise temperature at plant;
• Ground tension;
• Tank water level;
• Pressure (psi);
• Remote control;
• 4-20 mA transmitter;
• Weather Channel;
• Interactive satellite map.               



The H2O Monitoring system is made up of precise sensors that allow you to remotely access the most important data from your operation, via your cell phone or computer. The sensors dispersed on the site communicate with each other by low frequency radio waves requiring neither internet connection nor cellular network. The patented “Mesh” type network has proven reliability. The H2O Monitoring system, already recognized for several years in different fields (maple syrup, water treatment, mining, agricultural), is one of the most dependable technologies in terms of wireless communication.
Set of three irrigation monitors


• Easy & quick installation, minimal planification;
• Rapid data refresh rate;
• Modular and evolutive system;
• Network tolerates breakdowns, functional without cellular network and internet;
• Very good long-term reliability;
• Made in Quebec.


The software designed and developed by H2O Monitoring, is easy to navigate and very intuitive, regardless of your level of technological skills. Several simple and user-friendly functions, configurable by the user, make it a complete management system. 

• Application integrated into a tablet provided on the site, communicating with sensors in real time, for access to data on site, without internet or cellular network;
• Configuration of alarms customizable to each type of sensor;
• Remote control of equipment, such as starting generators, actuating valves or starting pumps;
• Integrated automation of basic functions to control equipment according to the status of another sensor (eg pump start-up depending on the temperature).


• Secure web page allowing remote access on cell phone, computer or tablet;
• 24/7 data recording allowing analysis by graph;
• Interactive satellite map  with sensors’ GPS location;
• Triggering of personalized alarms by emails, text messages or automated calls to be on the lookout for critical changes to the proper functioning of operations.

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