Project highlights

  • Completed in 2015
  • 10 trains of multimedia filters for a capacity of 0.55 MGD
  • 1 train of double-pass RO for a capacity of 0.18 MGD
  • 2 trains of ion exchange/decarbonator/mixed bed for a capacity of 0.14 MGD

Obaiyed Gas Field, Egypt


Oil & Gas


Multimedia Filters, RO, Ion Exchange, Decarbonator, Mixed Bed



Nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) processes are popular membrane filtration technologies for small and large scale water treatment plants.

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Multimedia and Greensand Filters

H2O Innovation provides multimedia and greensand filtration systems that perfectly match your application.

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Ion Exchange / EDI

Electrodeionization utilizes electricity, ion exchange membranes and resin to deionize water and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water.

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