FiberFlex Pilots

H2O Innovation has two FiberFlex pilots available for rental during pilot studies. These units provide the ability to test 3 modules in parallel at the same time. The end user and/or consultant can set independent flux, recovery, backpulse setpoint, cleaning regime and recipe, integrity test differently on each module if desired. All parameters can also be set to the same value to analyse and compare the intrinsic performance of the three membranes and modules installed. This is like having THREE PILOTS ON A SINGLE SKID!

This approach reduces piloting cost while also improving the value and confidence in the comparative data obtained between the different modules.

Customers, such as water reclamation districts, counties, consulting engineers, etc…who wish to setup long term comparison studies for membrane replacement or pilot different projects can also purchase these pilots. Two FiberFlex pilots have been sold in addition to the two pilots H2O Innovation has in its fleet.