WaterHub – Emory University

Project highlights

In partnership with Sustainable Water this project was built for a University Campus.

  • Commercial Operation began in 2015
  • State-of-the-art hydroponic system housed in a greenhouse
  • 400,000 GPD Wastewater Reclamation System
  • Hydroponic System with MBBR
  • 16 State, Regional, and National Project Awards

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Wastewater, Water Reuse & Recycling


Hydroponic with MBBR and Reciprocating Wetlands



Eco-engineered, WaterHubs reduce water supply risk, save millions in utility costs, and improve environmental stewardship. Through financing (WPA), turn-key projects can be built at no upfront capital expense to our clients.

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Technologies - Membrane Bioreactor wastewater system FlexMBR

Membrane Bioreactor

Membrane Bioreactor process, used in wastewater applications, combines the use of advanced biological processes with state-of-the art membrane filters.

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