The world's first flexible approach to MBR design

The flexMBR is the first membrane bioreactor open-source design that can operate MBR modules from different suppliers. It provides flexibility to switch from one membrane to another without having to redesign the entire plant. 

By choosing the versatile flexMBR platform over a specific module design. system owners have the flexibility to choose and change membranes. Replacement of modules becomes a competitive process that is open to new module designs that are developed in the future. 

Membrane Bioreactor

H2O Innovation's Membrane Bioreactor processes combine the use of advanced biological processes with state-of-the art membrane filters to create a system capable of meeting the most stringent
effluent requirements.

  • Superior effluent quality
  • Low-footprint
  • Full Nitrification
  • Ideal pre-treatment for RO
  • Physical barrier
  • Solids removal independant of flow rate

Bio-Wheel IFAS

Our Bio-Wheel system combines the advantages of a robust IFS process with low-energy mechanical aeration. The media is attached to the rotating aeration wheel eliminating diffuser maintenance issues and the troubles of suspended media while promoting the low-footprint and robust treatment that IFAS systems offer. 

  • Low-energy
  • Robust fixed-film Biomas
  • Full nitrification
  • ideal for retrofit applications
  • Low sludge production
  • Simple operation

H2O Innovation's wastewater treatment system can be applied in 3 different delivery methods: 
  1. Loose shipped equipment designs
  2. Steel packaged plant turn-key systems
  3. Containerized relocatable systems