Solution to Water Scarcity

Fresh water sources are becoming rare or insufficient due to climate change and population growth. The consequences of these changes are felt today which means we must find solutions now.

H2O Innovation, a leader in membrane filtration, uses a proven technology to produce drinking and utility water from sea water and brackish water: reverse osmosis (RO). This membrane filtration technology is well-suited for desalination processes as it requires much less energy than conventional thermal approaches. Using RO results in more economical plants in terms of capital investments and plant operation. RO desalination systems also require less space than conventional desalination plants.

Since its debut H2O Innovation design, assembled and delivered many large-scale desalination projects. 

These systems are good examples of H2O Innovation’s:

  • Capability to provide innovative designs that result in lower capital investment and optimized operation
  • Ability to vary the treatment line depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated
  • Innovative thinking to offer solutions for small-scale (hotel, business, etc.) or large-scale (municipality) projects

Through our custom designed solutions we are able to integrate the use of energy recovery turbines, pressure exchangers,etc. all in order to reduce energy costs. 

The water produced by desalination systems designed by H2O Innovation meets strict international standards and is affordable to produce. 


Feature Projects